Artie Q's Guide To Moving In LA
is a novel by Artie Q
Book cover © Gabriel Koneta

"A darkly humorous finger pointing narrative from an outsider looking in, observing bizarre and irrational behavior on moving day. It's scary & it's a hoot!"
Description: Techno Head Artie Q is in his late twenties still pursuing an elusive music career-"an imprisonnable offense" in his native London-and with a bag full of dreams and a catalog of songs, heads to LA to take the music world by storm. However, with the rent due and bills to pay, he is forced to find work, and LA's moving industry provides an inexhaustible supply. Artie, a keen observer of human nature is fascinated by the strange new world in which he is embroiled-"a twilight parallel universe" full of whacky characters. Believing that actions reveal people's true intention and nature, he begins to document and analyze the bizarre behavior of the moving men he encounters. Artie Q: not a professional therapist, but an amused armchair analyst, nonetheless!
For the first half of the book his somewhat detached observations concern the individual stories of others, but by the second half it becomes an ensemble piece with Artie fighting to keep his creative dreams alive, and proving that he may just be "the whackiest of the whackiest."

Sample Chapter:

Chapter 9: Lost Souls

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Artie Q is Robin Thomas Quinn, an Author and Audiobook Voice Over Recording Artist