Artie Q is Robin Thomas Quinn, and that is me. I'm a dedicated and creative songwriter: I write, perform and produce Sophisticated Electronic Pop Songs and low budget music videos for US/Euro types. My songs are available for purchase & licensing; movies and such. I have four songs in a Cybill Shepherd movie: Mrs. Washington goes To Smith, and always happy to have more songs placed.
     I cut my performing, songwriting & production teeth in the ’80′s UK & Europe. Worked with top producers, John Leckie & Nicky Graham on my songs. (Google them if you don’t know.) Management by Tom Watkins. (Pet Shop Boys)
     At the moment, I am based in Herne Bay, UK, and am on a mission: performing my recorded catalog LIVE - Just lil ole Artie Q and his acoustic guitar. Nice!
My current album: One Step Away From Falling Apart @ iTunes Also available on all online retail stores, and in physical cd format. The complete Artie Q Catalog can be found here, Artie Q @ Apple Music

   I am also a performance artist; I make my own music videos - Artie Q @ YouTube or Artie Q Video

Annnd, my literary masterpiece Artie Q's Guide To Moving In LA is now available as an Audiobook: Amazon, Audible, and iTunes - Nice! 

I could wax lyrical about the near scrapes with celebrity notoriety I’ve had, but does it really matter, right here, right now? I think not. Just listen & look; judge for yourself. Hope you like my stuff. All the best to you. Artie Q - *mwahhh!*

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