1. Mobile #3

Awesome Guitar: www.mindmovie.org / The Rest: Artie Q - Track 11 from Artie Q's "Spiritual!!! Moi???" album - https://music.apple.com/us/album/spiritual-moi/725753771


The man who would be free
is going nowhere - is under lock & key
And though I die a lifetime everyday
Love ‘n loss won’t last forever
I’m gonna make him roll again

Mobile; I wanna be
Mobile; I’m gonna be
And when I get down to it
I’ll be movin & shakin

Yeah - I’m gonna make him whole again
Don’t count me out—I’m not yet still life in the dark

Truth is often second to agenda
Being right is all things to offenders
They need each other, just like lovers

Mobile; I wanna be
Mobile; I’m gonna be
Mobile, Mobile, Mobile Yeah, Yeah.

Mobile; You bet I'm gonna be
Mobile; I'm not a wannabe
Yeah, I'm gonna be mobile.
Sit back and watch me fly, here I go.
I'm gonna touch the sky

Lyrics - Robin Thomas Quinn © 2013