When “Big Chief Java” calls — How far would you travel for the perfect espresso? Here is a select, devoted, besotted group who will travel up to 10,000 miles to be present at a clandestine meeting to sup the bronzed nectar with like minded brothers & sisters. Question is: How are they gonna get home!!!
"10,000 Mile Wide Club" track #7 on Artie Q's "Spiritual!!! Moi???" album to be found here: < https://www.amazon.com/music/player/albums/B00FYI3T38 >
Guitars: Mindmovie.org ; The Rest: Artie Q


"Yes, hello. I would like a non fat, decaf, hazelnut macchiato with an add shot of "f**k me while I'm not looking & I'll pretend it's not happening." Thank you … erhm, can I get that to go?"

I wonder how we ended up here baby. Ooh hooh! Wooh hooh!
I wonder how we ended in this place,

Sittin on my own
Feelin quite alone
All I really wanted was a lil cappuccino
Bub bup ber der der derh and out into the night

The thing, you see, that’s bothering me
I can’t find my way home.
Woo hoo. Woo hoo!
I can’t find my way ...

If one is to think about it, sensible & rational;
Really it's so silly to come all this way for just a cup of coffee, BUT
Not any cup of joe;
It’s the caffeine royal family, elevated king espresso.
Bean, bean, and nothing but the bean
Cos when you been and gone and and done it
Travel to the end of time
Seeking out taste so sublime
You’ve "died and gone to heaven" line
It’s a shot of gold at the bottom of the rainbow ...

10,000 Mile Wide Club
for The Extreme Espresso Lover
10,000 Mile Wide Club
It’s a club just like no other
Gotta get your game on

The thing you see that’s bothering me
I can’t find my way home.

Doppios in Bromley, Southern England
Or a Double Cup over in Milan, onto Japan
Demitasse as sun goes down in Thailand
Macchiato gets to go in Ohio
Red Eyes in the East
I'll take that cappuccino

10,000 Mile Wide Club
It’s a club just like no other
Yay Yay Yay!
10,000 Mile Wide Club
Be ready sister & brothers
Java call, when Big Chief Java calls!

Wooh Hoo - Wooh Hoo!

I can’t find my way home.
I can’t find my way … Oh, we do like a short dry cappucino - Wooh Hooh!

Lyrics: Robin Thomas Quinn © 2013