1. Guitar Therapy

Electronic Pop. Fab Guitars: LRW (Laurence Richmond Whiteley) / The Rest: Artie Q
Track from the Artie Q album "One Step Away From Falling Apart" @ https://open.spotify.com/album/60jHi9iygS0S1gxMUwHf0n


The undoubted irony of everybody wants to, not everybody wants to be in love, is that we all want that special someone in our lives, and yet when we hit a rough patch we may well wonder why.

Some of us might take a workable or pleasurably comfortable situation over the often wild & uncertain ride that love may well afford us, but then this raises a question: can we have a stable and enduring relationship with passion. Hmmm?

Everybody wants to be in love.
Everybody wants to be in love.

I conclude that the dangers & pitfalls that come with a passionate involvement are worth the risks; a thousand times, yes. It is better to have loved and lost, than never to have dared to dream.

Everybody deserves at least one chance to fly in the arms of passion; however, most of us want the guarantee up front that there'll be little pain or few risks. But the fact that we take a chance means risk. Chance Equals Risk. The simple truth is there is no guarantee, so when we feel we have read all the signs, al we can do is jump.

Jump, jump, jump, jump, jump.

Everybody wants to be in love.
Everybody wants to be in love.

Guitar Therapy
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