"Columbo in a Car: Missy Barrett Big Detective Mix" - (Re) Mix based on "Columbus in Car with Guitar" from the Artie Q album "Spiritual!!! Moi???" - https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/spiritual!!!-moi/id725753771 - Solo Guitar: www.mindmovie.org - Guitars: LRW
In honor of the upcoming launch by Missy Barrett (#Future #Fun #Fictional #CoS {Chief of Staff} for Artie Q International) for her literary detective series, the producers and lil ole Moi thought it might be fun to add a lil appropriate original musicality to the mix—So, here it is, boys n girls; Hope you like it! ;) rtq


Columbo in a Car
Philip Marlowe, Charlie Chan, (in) ’Spector Gadget, Jacques Clouseau. Missy Barrett, isn't that, Columbo in a car?
Nero Wolfe and Miss J Marple, Harry Callahan. Hey there, Missy, isn't that, Columbo in a car?
Hieronymus Bosch, Perry Mason, Jimmy Hemlock, Lennie Briscoe. Missy Barrett, isn't that, Columbo in a car?
Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew, Sherlock Holmes and Missy Barrett; ‘isn't that ole Frank Columbo? Columbo in a car? Columbo in a car. Yeah, yeah.
… And you can call me Francis, Colombo in a 4 x 4
Elyse Bruce ©2019