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Album Notes

* “Artie Q's music is Innovative and Retrospective" - Mipachira Sun

I write songs about life; life, very much from my perspective. The subject matter in most of the songs is a reflection of what is going on with me. In a sense you might call it "therapy," especially as my situation at the moment is often quite intense.

The most significant change in the last few years, is that of my living circumstance. I have returned to a house I have not lived in for 30+ years, from LA to London (a place I had no wish to return to) to care for my very aged parents. I've been here six + years now (I know! I still can't believe it!!!), and as time goes by and my folks health incrementally deteriorates, my role becomes incrementally more intense. I won't bore you with all the specific details, but I will say at times it's a fuckin' nightmare, and at others it is a joyous experience, especially when my mother breaks free from an Alzheimer's reverie to shoot the shit with me. My Dad, the more physically and mentally independent of the two and I get into it all the time. The subject matter is always the same: our differing method of caring for mother. In short, there are many battles and ghosts I face everyday. It never lets up. So writing, getting my voice out there is extremely important to me. (Keeps me from "going postal," I'd say.)

Having said all this, I don't think this album is a downer; it's just intense, lyrically, anyway. Musically (along with the support of my usual awesome collaborators on this album: LRW, Mindmovie and Ronnie Paris. Joining us, too, is Michel Simons and Bob Grey), I try and craft sublimely thrilling electronic pop music. :) I really hope you love these songs as much as I do. In fact, I love every note, beat, guitar riff, piano melody, lyric and each and every out of tune vocal of mine! ;) My songs are definitely my "babies."

Hugs to you all, and thank you for your indulgence.

Pretentiously yours,

* "Your videos are fascinating. I love the way your messages challenge my thinking" - DJ Dianne Marie @ NewUSB

Artie Q is Robin Thomas Quinn, a dedicated and creative songwriter based in Sevierville, US, and London, UK. He writes Sophisticated Electronic Pop with Guitar and Piano.